Bucharest Revolution

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As the very first Ultimate Frisbee team in the capital, Bucharest, we are on a mission to spread the love around for our sport. We hope to grow the local Ultimate scene from a tight-knit crew to a wide, exciting community.

Our members are Romanian but are also inhabitants of other countries. So, in order to acknowledge their contribution, we will keep this part of the website written in English.

The value of our sport comes from a vigorous yet spirited competition, inclusiveness, and mutual respect on the field, and a strong sense of friendly community when the running shoes come off. Our current squad is made up of a diverse group of individuals of all levels and abilities. We gladly welcome anyone who wants to play with us, whether your looking for a new way to get yourself out and moving, or want to push and challenge your athleticism on a new sport. There are no trials to go through and nobody is turned away. We encourage all newcomers to come and try; we are more than happy to teach!

We typically meet every week for training drills and pickup games at these times (as of April 2014):

- Wednesday from 6.00pm-8.00pm @ Agronomie Bucuresti OR Stadionul Studentesc Tei
- Saturday from 1.00pm-4.00pm @ Stadionul Studentesc Tei
[Event pages will be posted up for every meeting, once the venue has been determined]

We also carry out Ultimate clinics and workshops, participate in tournaments, and advocacy work. Like our page to stay updated on where and when you can join us for some Ultimate fun, as well as the works that we do.

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